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Volume 67 Issue # 10 April 2018


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President Sharon Mika

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President’s Message UpArrowPurple

Lion President Sharon Mika

Our first Corn Beef & Cabbage dinner was last month. Thanks to Lion Taka taking the lead on this fundraising dinner, and with the help of many Lions, I think we had a pretty good turnout. We hope this event will become an annual fundraiser.
Our dinner meetings this month are on April 9th and the 23rd, with the board meeting on April 16th all at the Senior Center. As usual, we will have our monthly pancake breakfast at the Senior Center on the second Saturday of the month, April 14th. After the breakfast, Lion Brad and I are cleaning up our storage shed. We could use your help! If you can help please be at the Senior Center at 11:00.
April 21st we are helping at CSD’s Just Serve Day at the Rotary Grove in Elk Grove Park. Calling all Lions to help assist with preparation & serving the BBQ lunch. Hours are from 9:00 to 1:00. Thank you in advance for your help with this event as it is part of our contract with CSD.
The District 4-C5 Convention is in San Ramon – April 19th thru the 22nd. Your incoming President, Lion Brad Dano and myself will be attending. On April 27th we will help support James McKee Elementary with a spaghetti dinner fundraiser for Giovanni Gallegos. Lion Jay will lead the crew for this one.
Sheldon High School spaghetti feed is on April 28th, with Lion Brad as lead.
On April 29th, with Lion Jack and crew, we will once again be assisting with the Running of the Elk.
This month we will be voting for our new board. We still have a couple of positions to fill, maybe that’s you! Your Lions Club needs your support!
As a reminder to all Lion Chairs, please talk to your contact person at the event you are working. Remind them as we support them, sometimes year after year, that we would like their support at our fundraisers so that we may continue to be of service to our Community. Maybe you can reach out to the contacts you have helped this year already in hoping they will support our next big fundraiser, The Day of the Dead Carnitas Dinner, with the World Famous Chicken Drop!
The Big Day of Giving is coming up quick! Please lead family and friends to our website where there is a link. A big Thank you to Lion Joe & Lion Jack who have been working on this since last year.
And in closing, thank you for your continued support of the many activities the Elk Grove Lions Club help assist. We couldn’t do it without all of your help!


Join Us UpArrowPurple

Elk Grove Lions Club

P.O. Box 465

Elk Grove, CA. 95759

Program Meeting: 7:00PM – 2nd Monday of the month (except November & December)
Location: Senior Center of Elk Grove 8830 Sharkey Avenue

General Meeting: 7:00PM – 4th Monday of the month (except November & December)
Location: Senior Center of Elk Grove 8830 Sharkey Avenue

Board Meetings: 3rd Monday @ 6:30PM

Location: Senior Center of Elk Grove 8830 Sharkey Avenue

Application for Membership

Lions are in 200 countries and geographic areas. We have 45,000 clubs with over 1.3 million members world wide. We have a dynamic history. We are best known for fighting blindness — it’s part of our history as well as our work today. But we also volunteer for many different kinds of projects including disaster relief — across many borders. We serve youth. Our community projects often support local children and schools with new programs and resources. Internationally, we offer many programs.

    • We hope you will consider joining our club.
    • To become a Lion, you must be of good moral character and good reputation in our community.
    • Membership is by invitation.
    • If you’re interested in being invited to join Lions Club of Elk Grove, you may want to consider some of the following facts about Lionism:
      • Lions are active.
      • Our motto is “We Serve.”
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Club, District and Zone Highlites:  

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Click Here to see our Calendar (It is now a live calendar, not a static calendar.)

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Check out the following photos:

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Let’s reach out to our fellow members:

As many of you know, Lion Sterling has been in a care facility since his stroke. He would love to have some visits from his Lion friends. Call ahead to make sure he is not out on a field trip. He is at Emeritus of Laguna Creek, 6727 Laguna Park Drive, EG, CA. 95758 916-683-1881


As usual, we want to send out a special thank you to Dr. John J. Eliopulos, O.D. for all of his support with our efforts to continue to provide support to people with visual impairments. You can find Dr. Eliopulos’ office at 9074 Elk Grove Blvd., Elk Grove, CA 95624.

We also send our thanks out to Dr. Diana Holcomb, O.D. for her support of our mission to support people with visual impairments. You can find Crystal View Optometry at Dr. Diana Holcomb’s office at 8419 Elk Grove-Florin Road, Elk Grove, CA 95624 just south of Calvine Road, next to the Bel Air Market.


Birthdays UpArrowPurple

Happy Birthday to Lions:

Lorene Fuhs, Joe Tallerico



Congratulations on another year of Service to the Lions Club:
Bob Hillyer, Lorene Fuhs, Sharon Mika, Shauna Ono, Teresa Rodrigues

Cooks List UpArrowPurple

April 9 – Taka Blackburn
April 23 – Bob Brewer

May 14 – Lorene Fuhs


Board Minutes UpArrowPurple



APRIL 16, 2018


Call to order:  6:33 pm                        Lion Sharon Mika


X President: Sharon Mika Secretary: Agustin Palacios
X 1st VP:  Brad Dano Bulletin Editor: Bob Shipley
2nd VP: Taka Blackburn X Tail Twister: Andy Anderson
3rd VP: X Treasurer: Jeylon Strong
X Lion Tamer: Don Thompson 2-Year Director: Lewis Flint
1-Year Director: Marv Neill X 2-Year Director: Bob Turner
X 1-Year Director: Chris Joyce X Membership Director: John Zehnder, Jr.
X Immediate Past Pres: Jack Edwards X Public Relations: Joe Tallerico
Lion Pancho Lion Jim Switzgable
Lion Warren Lion



Secretary Report (Stag) by Lion Agustin: New Board placed for next year/membership reminder to be sent to member soon.
Motion to approve Board Minutes by Lion John Zehnder – second by Lion BradDano – Motion passed


Treasurer Report by Lion Treasurer Jeylon Strong:
Admin………. $ 2453.24
Project: ………. $ 17,297.34
Scouts: …………$ 2999.92
Equipment…… $ 5798.63
FFA: …………$ 5260.21
Combined: ………. $ 31,356.10
Total……………$ 33,809.14


Correspondence: (see folder)

Committee Updates

Eyesight:  Lion Dave King:
Sunshine: Ask Lion Shelli to send plant to Lion Parino
Assets/Equipment: Lion Brad is working on storage. Donating 5 bookshelves for storage

Equipment Question: Do we want to sell the charcoal grill. Moved by Lion Jack, Second by Lion John Z and passed by board. Lion Brad to advertise. Lion Jack to put on District website if possible.

Adjourned Club Meeting at 6:40 pm & Opened Meeting Elk Grove Lions Foundation at 6:41 pm

Old Business / Status Checks / Chairperson’s Report 

        Event Name          Date                                                             Chair

Senior Center Pancake Breakfast April14 Served 104 adults. Spent $378.79. 10 Lions helped. 49 Hours total. Lions Don & Jim
Walk to Remember April 14 Served 300-400 lunches thanks to Lions Warren, Pancho, Jerry & Dan Lion Warren & Lion Pancho

New Business:         

  • Broken Table Senior Center. We did not do it. Lion Brad will see about patching it after Lion Sharon talks with Pat.
  • Just Serve Community Day of Service. Lion Sharon is in charge, but she will be at Convention.
  • CSD Community Camp out July 7 & 8 – We are cooking. Lion Brad is in charge.
  • Senior Center Relocation President Lion Sharon. Pat will provide 6 month MOU. Lion Sharon to check with Masons, Wackford Center, etc. for new meeting place.
  • Big Day of Giving Update: Presentation by Lion Jack & Lion Joe. Lion Jack to send info to membership to participate in giving.
  • 40 Year Class Reunion Elk Grove Park Pavilion 9/08/2018. Lion Andy can do the bar. Lion John Z will follow up.
  • Heritage Garden Spring Mother/daughter Tea parking on 5/12 at 12:30. Chair Lion John Zehnder
  • EG Regional Scholarship Award Dinner May 3rd
  • Special Need Kids Special Olympic donation request of 800 dollars Lion Pancho
  • Two Bartenders for Wedding May 26
  • Hellacapella Donation to Davis Leo Club Lion Sharon. Board denied request
  • Spotlight on Scholarships donation of $500 dollars
  • Sheldon HS Senior Class Pancake breakfast chair Lion Warren
  • Pancake Breakfast Arnold Adreani Elementary School

    Motion                                             Moved by:                  Second              Approval

Moved for Lion Andy to do bar at class reunion on 9/8 Lion Jack Lion Brad Passed
Moved to provide parking assistance at the Mother/Daughter Tea. Lion John Lion Jey Passed
Moved to donate $500 to EG Regional Scholarship Foundation for Award Dinner Lion Jey Lion Andy Passed
Moved to reimburse dinner fee to Lion Sharon in the amount of $50 Lion John Lion Chris Passed


Moved to fund Jesse Baker Special Olympics for $800 Lion Jack Lion John Passed
Motion to provide 2 bartenders for Lion Randy Feist’s event Lon Brad Lion John Passed

     Upcoming Activities and Approved Projects:


           Event                               Date              Location                                    Chairman

CSD JUST SERVE DAY -Cooking April 21 Rotary Grove Lion Sharon
James McKee Elementary Pasta Dinner April 27 James McKee Elementary Lion Jey
Sheldon HS Spaghetti Feed April 28 Sheldon High School Lion Brad
Running of the Elk April 29 Kaiser Promenade Lion Andy & Pancho
EG Scholarship Award Dinner May 3 Creekside Church Lion Joe Tallerico
Senior Center Pancake Breakfast May 12 Senior Center Lions John &Jack
EG. High School Sr. Sunset Dinner May 17 Elk Grove High Lion Warren/John Jr
Senior Day in the Park at SCEG May 30 Senior Ctr./Beerman Park Lion Brad
Senior Center Pancake Breakfast June 9 Senior Center Lions John &Jack
Bounty on the Bvd.  Dinner  & Bar Jun 10 Old Town Plaza EG Lion Joe Tallerico
CSD Community Camp Jul 7,8 Elk Grove Park Lion Brad
Short Line Labor Day Sep 1 Elk Grove Lion Sharon

Good of the Order:

Adjournment:      8:30 pm


Club Contact Info UpArrowPurple

The organizational structure for our Lions Club is as follows: Lions Clubs International, Multiple District 4, District 4C5, Sacramento Region, Sutter Zone, Elk Grove Lions Club.

This newsletter is produced each month by the Stag Editor, Lion Bob Shipley. He may be reached by email at  or by phone at 916-685-2426:

Elk Grove Lions Club P.O. Box 465 Elk Grove, CA 95759

President: Sharon Mika 479-4954

Secretary: Agustin Placios

1st VP: Brad Dano

2nd VP: Taka Blackburn

3rd VP:

Treasurer: Jay Strong

Tail Twister: Andy Anderson

Lion Tamer: Marv Neill 685-9878

1 Year Dir: Al Jauregui

1 Year Dir: Marv Neill 685-9878

2 Year Dir: Bob Turner

2 Year Dir: Lewis Flint

Membership: John Zehnder, Jr.

Past Pres: Jack Edwards 240-9302

Public Relations: Joe Tallerico
Stag Editor: Bob Shipley 685-2426

Make-up Clubs

Delta Lions Club

2nd Thursdays, 7 am

Bartley Cavenaugh Golf Course

8301 Freeport Blvd.


Galt Lions Club

2 & 4 Thursdays

6:00 pm Social

7:00 pm Meeting

Papa’s Pizza

505 C Street, Galt

Pride of Laguna

2 & 4 Wednesdays at 7 pm

The Old Spaghetti Factory

7727 Laguna Blvd.

Elk Grove, CA

Club Roster with Phone Numbers & Email Addresses
was Emailed to Each Member
Name Spouse
Andy Anderson
Tom Anderson Ashley
Taka Blackburn Valerie
Bob Brewer Cheryl
Brad Dano Teresa
Jack Edwards Tracey
Randy Feist Barbara
Lewis Flint Sr Peggy
Lorene Fuhs Robert
Bill Heston Jr Linda
Bill Hibbard Linda
Bob Hillyer Shirlee
Al Jauregui  Jan
Chris Joyce Heather
Dave King Julie
Bill Kirkland Jr Dusty
Sterling Kloss Tina
Harjeet Kumar Vanita
Vanita Kumari Harjeet
Kirk Marchetti Robin
Tom McDaniel
Jack Megna
Sharon Mika
Name Spouse
John Muggee Rebecca
Rebecca Muggee John
Marv Neill Annajean
David Ogden Diann
Shauna Ono Greg
Jim Parino Charlette
Dan Pearsen Shelli
Shelli Pearsen Dan
Agustin Placios
Teresa Rodriguez
Jerry Salamy Leann
Pancho Sanchez Theresa
Bob Shipley
David Simpson Ginger
Jeylon Strong
Jim Switzgable Debbie
Matt Switzgable
Joe Tallerico Lynda
Don Thompson Sue
Bob Turner Alice
Warren Weaver Patricia
Dennis Weiss Diane
John Zehnder Jr Linda
John Zehnder Nancy
District Contact Info UpArrowPurple

International President
Dr. Naresh Aggarwal
“The Power of We”

District Governor Thomas “Nick” McNichols
“Embrace Your Accomplishment With Our Legacy of Service”

District Governor

Thomas “Nick” McNichols

Esparto Lions


Email: dg@district4c5.org

1st Vice District Governor

Doug Wight
Nevada City Lions


Email: 1vdg@district4c5.org

2nd Vice District Governor

Sarah Enloe
Maharlika Lions

Email: 2vdg@district4c5

Cabinet Secretary

Kitty Kramer
Woodland Host Lions Club


Cabinet Treasurer

Dennis Kramer
Woodland Host Lions Club

Email: ct@district4c5.org

Sactramento Region Chair

Mark Steffens

Email: SacramentoRegion@district4c5.org

Sutter Zone Chair

Sheri Retzlaff

Email: SutterZone@district4c5.org

District Pride Editor

Susan Lee Giles

Email: editor@district4c5.org

District Webmaster

Jack Edwards
Elk Grove Lions Club