Lion of the Year

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Lion of the Year Award Recipients

Each year, during the annual Installation Dinner, the soon to be past president, gives awards to fellow Lions who have greatly assisted the president during the year. The most coveted awards are being selected as a Melvin Jones Fellow Recipient and being selected as the Elk Grove Lion of the Year.

Andy Anderson 2001 Jim Parino 2002 Gary Dapelo 2003
Bill Hibbard 2004 Floyd Averitt 2004 Heinz Leonhardt 2005
Pancho Sanchez 2006 Jim Switzgable 2007  Dave King 2008 
Dan Pearson 2009 Bill Heston 2009 Vern Vincent 2010
Warren Weaver 2011 Shana Ono 2012  Jack Edwards 2013
Taka Blackburn 2014  2015   Brad Dano 2016
Don Thompson 2017